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Business Lawyer (i.e., Commercial Attorney)

An Overview of Our Business Law Practice At Higgs Law

Higgs Law, PLLC offers a comprehensive suite of legal services for businesses. We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each client throughout their business lifecycles. Our law firm is known for our legal dedication to clients, offering services ranging from entity formation to the resolution of complex business litigation. 

Recognizing the unique challenges and growth opportunities present in each business, we engage closely with our clients. We craft personalized legal strategies aligned with their objectives. With over eight decades of collective experience, our team ensures expert guidance through any legal complexity.

At Higgs Law, PLLC, our goal is to assist clients both federally and at the state level. We prioritize proactive planning, effective resolution of disputes, and obtaining the entitlements our clients deserve. We are dedicated to guiding businesses through the complexities of compliance and risk management, enabling sustainable growth and success.

    Business Solutions

    Business Formations
    Business Transactions & Contracts
    Commercial Litigation
    Outside Counsel
    Trademarks & IP
    S-Corp Elections
    Partnership Agreements
    Buy-Sell Agreements
    Deferred Compensations Agreements
    Private Investor Funding
    State & Federal Grant Funding
    Business Plans & Pitch Decks

    Business Efficiency

    Irrespective of your enterprise’s size, our commercial lawyers are waiting to guide you through the complexities of business law. For startups and established entities alike, we provide adept support in assessing, formulating, and executing strategies for private equity investments, exit arrangements, and mergers and acquisitions. Furthermore, our professionals extend their experience to aid in fund establishment. Leveraging from profound insights in corporate, tax, securities, and ERISA regulations, we offer our clientele invaluable direction.

    Ready to Secure Your Business’s Future?

    Whether you’re a fresh-faced founder of a startup or the white-collared CEO of an established corporation, navigating the legal landscape is crucial to your company’s long-term prosperity.

    Don’t leave your business’s legal needs to chance. Partner with Higgs Law for comprehensive legal support designed to align with your business goals. Reach out today for a consultation, and take the first step toward safeguarding your business’s tomorrow.


    Ready to Start Your Company with Confidence?

    Don’t let legal uncertainties hold you back. Partner with Higgs Law, the premier Houston Law Firm for business formation and startup legal services. Whether you’re drafting your first business plan or ready to incorporate, our business lawyers are here to guide you.

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